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Vundle the Bundler of Vim

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I use vim like text editor since my school. I allways appreciate vim and I really don’t want change to another one.

How I manage my plugin around the time

Vim is really powerfull with this plugins. You need really quick use it. It’s really important to manage it. All around the time, I change how I manage it with new technique inside vim or develop by other developper.

Handmade management

In start of my vim usage, I manage my plugin by copying file in different directory. I put in versionning my .vimrc and .vim. But this technique can be hard to maintain in time. The installation is not really simple and know if you need update or not is hard too. So the evolution of plugins become rare.

Vimball management

In vim evolution, the vimball management system was implemented. With this vimball, you can more easily install plugin and know which version you use. So you can improve your plugins management. But to know if a new version is available, you need go to and check each of your plugins. The update become rare too.

git-submodule management

With github, all plugins become a git repository. We can check all new commit on our favorite plugin. I start to link all plugin in a new submodule and link file in good directory. The update was really simple and my plugins can be up to date. But the installation become really hard.

Janus management

Yehuda Katz and Carl Lerche start a new project call janus. This project’s goal is an easy plugin management by rake task. In this Rakefile, you can see the list of your plugin and with some rake task you can install it and update it. This project was really great. It start with a bunch of plugins pre-configure and good if you start using vim and you are not aware with what plugin can be good to you. But in time, the management can be a little tricky with version of janus. So it’s a really good project to start vim.

Pathogen management, the first vim plugin to manage you plugins

To closed of janus’s released, Tim Pope ( a very important vim plugin developper ) release Pathogen. This plugin help to manage your vim plugin directly in your vimrc file. I don’t really use it. But a lot of people say it’s a really good plugin. There are a lot of fork of janus trying to use pathogen directly.

Vundle management

Now, someone told me about a very good plugin to manage his vim’s plugin, Vundle. As Pathogen, the plugin management is do directly in your vimrc. His usage is really simple and well designed. If you are a ruby guy and use already Bundler, you can easily understand how works Vundle and how use it. Vundle is directly inspired of this project.

Using Vundle

Install Vundle

To install vundle, you just need clone the project’s repository in your .vim directory and add 2 lignes in your vimrc file

git clone ~/.vim/bundle/vundle

Add in your vimrc

set rtp+=~/.vim/bundle/vundle/
call vundle#rc()

Configure your plugins

To use vundle after his installation, it’s really simple. You just need add in your vimrc a Bundle command with path to your plugin. By example, if you want install the vim-rails plugin, you juste need add this line in your vimrc :

Bundle 'tpope/vim-rails.git'

Install your plugins

Now, when your vim is open, you can install or update your plugins by two vim’s command.

  • BundleInstall install your plugins
  • BundleInstall! update your plugins

Now, you can try this wonderfull plugin and install all plugins you want try.

My vimrc

If you want see my own vimrc your can see it on one of my github repository. With the Vundle help, it’s really simple to understand what plugin I really use. All is in only one file.

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