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Oupsnow From Merb to Rails

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Lately, I decided to migrate Oupsnow, from Merb to Rails.

Just after ending my migration from SQL to MongoDB, I starting a new one but this one much more deep.

Why this migration ?

Rails 3. Since December 2008, almost one year later, Merb is allways freeze. Someone say that community is reviving and it's true. I am glad to see that, but Merb is really late now with one year of late. Even Rails don't really improve in his stable version, his edge move a lot.

Trying test all new technologies in Ruby, I will play with Rails 3. But no migrating too exists to migrate from Merb to Rails 3. After a quick test, I see that difference between Rails 2.3.x and Rails 3 is little. So the migration from Rails 2.3.x to Rails 3 can be more easily.

Like I want release soon as possible a stable version of Oupsnow. I decided to migrate Oupsnow to Rails 2.3.x before upgrade to Rails 3. And this time, I maybe can release a stable version of Oupsnow compatible with Rails 3.

Oupsnow become a project Rails/MongoMapper and no more a Merb/DataMapper project like before. Any help are welcome.

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