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Oupsnow 0.5.0 Released

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That's it. After only one month to released Oupsnow 0.4.1, I released the 0.5.0 version. This version mark adding features and stability on code base.

New features ?

  • Add filter by closed or not with closed keywords
  • You can edit a milestone now
  • You can define one milestone like current. By define the first one created
  • Add the recover password configuration by your email
  • Add remember solution when you logged
  • Add information about number of ticket in search
  • A logged user can watch a ticket. If user watch ticket he received email when ticket is update
  • A user can change his own email.

Like I made each time, my capistrano file to deploy Oupsnow

set :application, "oupsnow" set :repository, "git://" set :domain, "" # If you aren't deploying to /u/apps/#{application} on the target # servers (which is the default), you can specify the actual location # via the :deploy_to variable: set :deploy_to, "XXXXXXXXX" # If you aren't using Subversion to manage your source code, specify # your SCM below: # set :scm, :subversion set :scm, :git set :git_enable_submodules, 1 set :runner, "xxxx" set :user, "xxxx" set :use_sudo, false set :thin_conf, "/etc/thin/#{domain}.yml" set :rails_env, "production" role :app, domain role :web, domain role :db, domain, :primary => true task :update_config, :roles => [:app] do run "ln -s #{shared_path}/config/database.yml #{release_path}/config/database.yml" run "ln -s #{shared_path}/config/email.yml #{release_path}/config/email.yml" run "ln -s #{shared_path}/config/initializers/errornot.rb #{release_path}/config/initializers/errornot.rb" run "cd #{release_path} && echo 'GOOGLE_ANALYTICS=\"XXXXXXXX\"' >> config/environment.rb" end namespace :deploy do task :start, :roles => [:app] do run "thin -C #{thin_conf} start" end task :stop, :roles => [:app] do run "thin -C #{thin_conf} stop" end task :restart, :roles => [:app] do run "thin -C #{thin_conf} restart" end end task :update_db do run "cd #{current_path} && RAILS_ENV=#{rails_env} rake db:update" end after "deploy:update_code", :update_config after "deploy:symlink", :update_db

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