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Oupsnow 0.4.0 Released

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That's it. I finally released Oupsnow 0.4.0. This version is a complete refactoring. After a oupsnow version 0.3.0 in Merb/DataMapper, this new version is with Rails and MongoDB. The server and the backend have changed.

But with the complete changed, there are some new features.

  • Add filter by state in search ticket
  • Add possibility to change function of all member by project
  • Add preview in ticket and ticket updates
  • Add ticket's milestone information in ticket show
  • Add ordering to all column in ticket search

You can download it on rubyforge

If you want try the oupsnow demo version, it's online. The administrator login/password is : Have fun.

The code source is hosted on github

You can report any bug about it on my own oupsnow instance

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