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Errbit 0.2.0 Released

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After 3 month of developpement a lot of fix bug and improvement with do by 16 contributors. I am proud to release this second version of Errbit where I am involved totally.

This version 0.2.0 is the last supporting ruby 1.8.7. This ruby version become old and a lot of dependencies used by Errbit stop the maintain of this version too. So it’s time to move forward and stop maintain this old version. The next version support only ruby 1.9.3 and higher.

You can download this version directly on github :

A new branch ( 0-2-stable ) is now create to push some important bug fix on this version.

The complete changelog is :


Bug Fixes

  • #343 Fix the ical generation. (@shingara)
  • #503 Fix issue on where the service_url choose never use. (@nfedyashev)
  • #506 Fix issue on bitbucket issue tracker creation failed. (@Gonzih)
  • #514 Add CDATA in xml return by Javascript. (@mildavw)
  • #517 Javascript escape path from javascript Notifier. (@roryf)
  • [#518][] Fix issue when you try launch task errbit:db:update_update_problem_attrs. (@shingara)
  • #526 Fix issue of pagination after search. (@shingara)
  • #528 Fix issue of action after search. (@shingara)

Next Step

The next step on this project is the usage of Mongoid 3.0. A complete list of issue planned to this next version is define on his milestone