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Errbit 0.1.0

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Errbit was release for the first time in August 24 2010 by Jared Pace.

Errbit is not dead. It’s actually maintained and used for the past 3 years and now, I’m proud to announce the release of errbit. There was not real release from the start, but I think it’s needed. I do this first one with 0.1.0. Errbit do a lot of thing but can do better. I hope try to do this challenge with the Errbit Team and try to release more often this application.

A Changelog is now available to see what change in your favorite error catcher application. I have not list all thing errbit can do, but I list some new improvement in last couple of month. You can find it on github

If you want download this version you can do by github :

0.1.0 – 2013-05-29


  • #474 Improve message when access denied. (@chadcf)
  • #468 Launch a repairDatabase in MongoDB database after launching the clear_resolved task. (@shingara)
  • Update gem of Mongoid to 2.7.1
  • Update gem of Mongo to 1.8.5
  • #457 Add task information about db:seed in Readme. (@mildavw)
  • Add support of Ruby 2.0.0
  • #475 Return a HTTP 422 status code when you try push notice with bad api key. (@shingara)
  • Return a 400 http status when you try put a notice without args. (@shingara)
  • #486 Add confirms box when you do massive action. (@manuelmeurer)
  • #487 Add specific template to redmine notification with less useless data. (@tvdeyen)

Bug fixes

  • #469 Fix issue about the documentation of new heroku addons usage. (@adamjt)
  • #455 Avoid raising exception if you comment an exception and no other user are define to received this comment. (@alvarobp)
  • #453 Fix ruby 2.0.0 incompatibilities with gem (@SamSaffron)
  • #476 Fix javascript notifier issue with IE8 (@sdepold)
  • #466 Fix not see problem if octokit gem not define (@tamaloa)
  • #460 Fix issue when you try see user with gravatar activate but no email define to this user (@ivanyv)
  • #478 Fix issue about calculation of statisque of problem after merge (@shingara)